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Visual Studies Project 05. Pattern designs

"In this project you will use your commute to and from the Design School of Southern Africa as a departure point to design a variety of patterns. You are encouraged to become aware of the rich variety of interesting and inspiring things you pass and often do not pay attention to every day. The brief has several steps to complete and neglecting any of these steps will affect the value of your final product. You will document this daily journey which will then serve as departure point for the creative process for developing motifs to use for your pattern design. These motifs will then be used in various arrangements to create a pattern for a textile, wallpaper or stationary." 

MY inspiration PHOTO


MY Motif
Daily Cycle




Leafs 2




Foundation drawing. POE

POE  (Activity 5 & 6)
"For this assessment you will present your final sketchbook or visual diary including all the activities outlined in the module guide. Take note of the compulsory activities and ensure all of them are included as each demonstrates your comprehension of a specific drawing skill. Please make sure that each activity is completed to the best of your ability. Include a cover page with your name, your lecturers name, subject and date, as well as a contents page. Your portfolio must be presented professionally and communicate something about you as a designer. "

Activity 5 

Activity 6

DIGITAL MEDIA Activity 3.2.2: A Photoshop story

DIGITAL MEDIA Activity 3.2.2: A Photoshop story

Visual Studies Project 04. Clay figuring — Functional robot

"This project involves the three-dimensional construction of a fantasy character as an exploration of proportion and form. Techniques to be used include the building of an armature using wire and additive and subtractive modelling techniques using clay. "


The name of this functional robot is EMO, as the shortening of the world emotional. This robot has the use of being a friend, a comfit also it help the individual who suffer and wanting to escape the reality. EMO listen as well as talk to the owner as the aim is to help people release, express their emotional burden. The out look of this functional robot is a pot and the round ball, EMO, it is surround by two feathers and a natural green ground floor. As the quote says  Im a simple person who hides thousand feelings behind the happy smile. I believe EMO will help people the heal their feeling and help them feel better.



Visual Studies Project 03. Watercolour painting — environmental impression


"With watercolour as medium, this project will take you through a process of looking, collecting and reflecting on an environment. The resources collected from this impression of your environment will serve as inspiration for a watercolour painting that should reflect an awareness of different techniques and colour mixing abilities."

MY Research

Brian Robinson, Evening on the Grand, watercolour, 32 x 40 cm

Richard Sneary, Morning Shore, watercolour, 14”x10”

Jopseph Zbukvic, Winter Evening, Melbourne, watercolour, 26x35cm




Idea and impression

The first time I ever know about the Design School South Africa and VEGA was in my high school grade 11 year, and just by looking at the school website I felt that it was a very professional plat form for artist and designer. So obviously I was completely drawn to the fact I want to join the school, so hand in application than come to the school to visit was very exciting for me. My first impression to the campus was that is was clean, nicely present and comfortable, the sky was a very nice baby blue with not much cloud, the red bricks as the floor and the building was beautiful and neat. The whole campus was covered in green and red, the tree and the building almost became the symbolic factor for me towards the DSSA and VEGA. Also because of the colour it was very calming and pleased to the eye.

Continued from my impression to my idea for this water colour paint project, I want to make the factor that had became my DSSA and VEGA impression stand out, and that was: The Building 2, the red bricks, the sky and the trees. Although making them all into a collage might be difficult but I want to present how the campus was in my mind.



Project Specific Outcomes
At the end of this assessment, students should be able to:

  •  Apply fundamental skills using Adobe Illustrator to create a visual representation of a virtual character and its environment;
  •  Describe how to avoid working destructively with Adobe Photoshop; 
  • Apply fundamental skills using Adobe Photoshop to visualise an idea."

Visual Studies Project 02. Colouring Pencil: Pop Lunch Box

PROJECT 2: Colouring Pencil: Pop Lunch Box

"The end result of this project should be a realistic rendering of the theme in colour pencil using prescribed processes and techniques. The theme for this project is ‘Pop Lunch Box’. You will illustrate the content of your lunchbox in the process of being eaten in colour pencil. You can include anything as long as it is edible, it can be wrapped, unwrapped, healthy or unhealthy, home-made or take-aways, whole or half eaten. Look at food illustration and artwork from the ‘Pop Art’ era to inspire you. Keep in mind that colourful packaging can add interest to your composition and choose a background that will enhance your Pop Lunch, and not overpower it. "

MY Research

TARLOW. P, Cup Of Tea & Biscuits Food, Colour pencil

HENRY. A, Midnight Snack Retro Fabric

PENKMAN. J, Blackpool rock, Colour pencil

WARHOL. A, Ad for Life Savers Candy

HILLEGAS. K, Pink Donut with White Sprinkles






This drawing is a realistic water colour pencil drawing on A3 white paper of a chocolate doughnut with sprinkle on top, a chocolate muffin, a chocolate in the red packaging, two wooden stirring sticks and a chocolate smoothy. The whole lunch box has one things in common, Chocolate. For me chocolate is the king out of all other sweet tasting food, and all product made with chocolate taste even better! Therefor this lunch box is a dream lunch and extremely satisfying for the sweet tooth viewer as well as chocolate lover because of all item being different but the same in the core, also the realistic look evoke the feeling of the need and appetite. All the object has been direct and purposely put in the middle left of the page as it was the main focus of the whole drawing and to achieve the focus I have use the technique of linear perspective, as the result the eye focus direct onto the organic shape of round doughnut and slowly move on red packaging and because of the two wooden stirring stick the eye finally move on to the plastic cup. The water colour pencil give a very unique texture in each different item, some being smooth and some being rough and has definitively remind the viewers feeling of the taste of the texture. The colour of different brown in each object showing the uniqueness of each the product although all of them has the same ingredient. The background has the shadow of the object with very little detail of serviette and combination of light yellow and peach  oval line shading around the lunch box this create a warm and pleasing effect to the eye as well as the feeling of deep warmth and happiness given from chocolate to the person eating (viewing) the Lunch Box.

Visual Studies Project 01.Self-Portrait Stencil

PROJECT 1 Self-Portrait Stencil

"This project involves the completion of a series of prints using a stencil. We will focus on the use of tone and stylisation to explore the relationship between positive and negative space. Stencils are a basic form of printmaking and are similar to silk-screen printing. To create a stencil"

 MY Research and TRIGGER WORD

Indigo, Owly,  Spray paint on water color paper (11x14 inches)

Trigger words:

Connelly. R, Hayden’s Choice Painting, (15 x 22.5 inches)
acrylic on cotton paper

Trigger words:
Texture(brush stroke)

Yaegashi. K, 動物をモチーフにしたステンシルプリント(
Stencil print with animals motif) ,
Spray paint(300mm×240mm×4mm)

Trigger words:
Street Art

Street Art, also know as Graffiti Art began in 1960s, it was a very popular style of art that had quickly influenced and spread across the world. This type of art was done in the way that was rebellious against and also critic of the society further more expressing their political opinion due to the criticism of the World War Two. Most of the Street Art artist used their art the challenge the viewers mind as well as the thought with bright colour, different style of writing or the drawing of the object/figure, hence they present the ordinary into extraordinary.