Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Visual Studies Project 03. Watercolour painting — environmental impression


"With watercolour as medium, this project will take you through a process of looking, collecting and reflecting on an environment. The resources collected from this impression of your environment will serve as inspiration for a watercolour painting that should reflect an awareness of different techniques and colour mixing abilities."

MY Research

Brian Robinson, Evening on the Grand, watercolour, 32 x 40 cm

Richard Sneary, Morning Shore, watercolour, 14”x10”

Jopseph Zbukvic, Winter Evening, Melbourne, watercolour, 26x35cm




Idea and impression

The first time I ever know about the Design School South Africa and VEGA was in my high school grade 11 year, and just by looking at the school website I felt that it was a very professional plat form for artist and designer. So obviously I was completely drawn to the fact I want to join the school, so hand in application than come to the school to visit was very exciting for me. My first impression to the campus was that is was clean, nicely present and comfortable, the sky was a very nice baby blue with not much cloud, the red bricks as the floor and the building was beautiful and neat. The whole campus was covered in green and red, the tree and the building almost became the symbolic factor for me towards the DSSA and VEGA. Also because of the colour it was very calming and pleased to the eye.

Continued from my impression to my idea for this water colour paint project, I want to make the factor that had became my DSSA and VEGA impression stand out, and that was: The Building 2, the red bricks, the sky and the trees. Although making them all into a collage might be difficult but I want to present how the campus was in my mind.

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