Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Visual Studies Project 02. Colouring Pencil: Pop Lunch Box

PROJECT 2: Colouring Pencil: Pop Lunch Box

"The end result of this project should be a realistic rendering of the theme in colour pencil using prescribed processes and techniques. The theme for this project is ‘Pop Lunch Box’. You will illustrate the content of your lunchbox in the process of being eaten in colour pencil. You can include anything as long as it is edible, it can be wrapped, unwrapped, healthy or unhealthy, home-made or take-aways, whole or half eaten. Look at food illustration and artwork from the ‘Pop Art’ era to inspire you. Keep in mind that colourful packaging can add interest to your composition and choose a background that will enhance your Pop Lunch, and not overpower it. "

MY Research

TARLOW. P, Cup Of Tea & Biscuits Food, Colour pencil

HENRY. A, Midnight Snack Retro Fabric

PENKMAN. J, Blackpool rock, Colour pencil

WARHOL. A, Ad for Life Savers Candy

HILLEGAS. K, Pink Donut with White Sprinkles






This drawing is a realistic water colour pencil drawing on A3 white paper of a chocolate doughnut with sprinkle on top, a chocolate muffin, a chocolate in the red packaging, two wooden stirring sticks and a chocolate smoothy. The whole lunch box has one things in common, Chocolate. For me chocolate is the king out of all other sweet tasting food, and all product made with chocolate taste even better! Therefor this lunch box is a dream lunch and extremely satisfying for the sweet tooth viewer as well as chocolate lover because of all item being different but the same in the core, also the realistic look evoke the feeling of the need and appetite. All the object has been direct and purposely put in the middle left of the page as it was the main focus of the whole drawing and to achieve the focus I have use the technique of linear perspective, as the result the eye focus direct onto the organic shape of round doughnut and slowly move on red packaging and because of the two wooden stirring stick the eye finally move on to the plastic cup. The water colour pencil give a very unique texture in each different item, some being smooth and some being rough and has definitively remind the viewers feeling of the taste of the texture. The colour of different brown in each object showing the uniqueness of each the product although all of them has the same ingredient. The background has the shadow of the object with very little detail of serviette and combination of light yellow and peach  oval line shading around the lunch box this create a warm and pleasing effect to the eye as well as the feeling of deep warmth and happiness given from chocolate to the person eating (viewing) the Lunch Box.

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